Photo by: Tina Leu Fotos

I will forever remember 2020 as The Year I Got My Shit Together.

It wasn’t pretty. These things rarely are. And it definitely wasn’t the year I wanted but on many levels it was the year I needed.

It slowed me down. It softened my expectations. It dissolved relationships that had run their course. It made me lean into my strength and trust my adaptability.

It pushed me out of the comfort of my nest and on my own. It taught me to stop waiting for others and reconnected me to my purpose.

It showed me that time is the greatest currency we have and led me to re-evaluate how I spend the minutes of each day. I worked harder but I worked less — taking more vacation time and shortening my work week.

I quit drinking. I let myself feel it all. I found a quiet joy and clarity within.

The year gave me the space and the spark to make some big changes that I’m confident will be hugely valuable in the years to come.

As hard and messy as it was, I’ve got a feeling I’ll look back at this year as the tornado that cleared the path for new growth and new life.

Today, I take all the lessons learned, the strength gained, and move into 2021 with a heart full of hope for brighter days to come.

Happy New Years’ Eve friends!