IMG_20150612_133145And no, I’m not talking about your local pub.  There are more protein and energy bars out there than I can shake a stick at.  I’ve tried my fair share and thought I’d share with you some of my faves and perhaps introduce you to some you didn’t know about.  There will be a series of posts to cover all the different categories of health bars, snacks, and juices.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.

This time we’ll take on the chewy bar category.  I’m going with brands and bars you can find pretty easily at most major retailers and I’m also throwing a couple wild cards in that you may not have seen.  They range in price from about $2-$4/bar and a lot of them offer subscription and bulk purchase discounts.  Disclaimer: I LOVE food, that is all.

Clif Builder Bar – They have a pretty good consistency and aren’t overly chewy or hard.  They have 20g and 30g protein options using a soy protein isolate and also have a lot of organic ingredients with a low glycemic index. They’re a higher calorie bar, so make sure you’re getting a good workout!
Pure Protein Bar – These are smaller and more chewy.  They remind me more of a typical candy bar.  They have lots of great flavors as well. They use whey protein so keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to dairy.  They have fruit and nut as well as Greek yogurt options.  They also try to keep their sugar levels low which is great.
Power Bar – These are touted as a better energy bar with the right amount of carbs and electrolytes to power you through your workouts (see what I did there) and while I’m not a huge fan, they’re a good bar to have in a pinch.
Quest Protein Bar – These are a personal favorite.  They have a huge variety of flavors and they actually taste like them (white chocolate raspberry, mmm).  They’ll give your jaw a bit more of a workout than the others, but hey, you’ll burn more calories just by eating them!  I also really like these because of the low sugar and high fiber counts.
ProBarThese use plant proteins and are a bit chalkier than some of the others, but the flavors are still pretty darn good.  They also have superfood meal bars which are great for when you’re short on time, but still want something good in your body.  Pros here – non-gmo, gluten, and vegan options.
Exo Bar – This is where things get interesting.  Exo is newer on the scene and they’re using a protein powder you won’t find in all the other bars out there.  Their base is cricket flour.  I know, I know, but trust me, you wouldn’t know it unless I told you.  These are a chewier, fruity bar.  They’re actually really good though.  The protein counts aren’t quite as high as the others, but I like the idea that they’re striving for a more natural and sustainable protein source.  They don’t have a huge variety of flavors yet, and I’ve only seen them online, but hopefully they’ll start making the rounds and we’ll see more from them.  These are dairy, grain, soy, and gluten free!
Element BarsThese are another online only bar I’ve found and really enjoy.  They’re a chewier, fruit and nut based bar.  I like the natural ingredients and they have an option on their site so you can build your own custom bars which is pretty amazing.  They have different categories of bars based on your different nutritional needs which is great too. I love the smaller snack size bars when I just need a little something to tide me over.

So there you go.  Like I said, this list is far from complete, but gives you an idea of some of your options out there. I’d love to hear about your faves as well so feel free to comment and share.


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  1. I love Quest Bars!! Larabars are pretty good too, and they have high protein options. The peanutbutter flavor has 2 ingredients, dates and nuts! Cool article

  2. Thanks so much! And yes, I forgot about Larabars. I’ll have to add some of them to my stash as well 🙂

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