The Durable Runner

A Guide to Injury-Free Running

Access Your Potential. Become A More Durable Runner.

A few simple changes can significantly improve your ability to run well and injury-free.

Runners (experienced and brand new) will find this book indispensable. Coach Alison illustrates in clear, easy-to-follow language valuable suggestions for small changes that can greatly improve your form and help you prevent running injuries.

Read and be inspired!

topics Covered

Injury Prevention

Injury Recovery

Mental Toughness

Balance, Function, and Performance

More about The Durable Runner

Alison draws on her own experience with running injuries, running injury prevention, injury recovery, as well as her expertise as a trainer, coach, and yoga teacher, to walk you through simple, practical changes you can implement to refine the way you use and move your body. The result: a well-balanced body with improved durability, alignment, strength, and function through mindful running.

In The Durable Runner, Alison goes beyond simply offering yoga for runners or strength training for runners] and instead helps you pinpoint imbalances in your body, choose the most useful approach for you, and then walks you through creating a sustainable routine that works for you. 

Her insightful descriptions of the patterns you set up in our workouts and your daily lives—and how those patterns affect your ability to move and access the natural strength you already possess—will change the way you approach your practice and your running.

In short, Coach Alison will help you:

What Readers are Saying

Tracy-Lynn Schuster, DPT, Schuster Physical Therapy
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“This is a solid resource for runners to learn how to prevent injuries. The Durable Runner educates the reader on the body and what is needed to perform at an optimal level without injury. This book definitely is a go-to for those who need some guidance.”
Kristopher Hartley, Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center
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“For those who struggle with running injuries, this is a fantastic guidebook that brings the entire body back to the science of exercise and wellness. This book brings a lot of evidence-based knowledge to your fingertips for the runner to easily understand.”
Jodi Cash, Train4LifeJC
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“As runners, we tend to get stuck in our injuries and don’t always do a great job of integrating other necessary components of training to make us stronger and balanced. Alison Heilig gives a well-rounded approach to training and fitness that we don’t often see in other running books. If running is your choice for fitness, this book is key to help you become more durable and not feel broken down all the time.”
Amazon Review
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"Probably the best book on the subject that I’ve ever read. This text is informative, very well written and includes good photos. Nothing superfluous - just honest concrete advice. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking care of and avoiding injury during exercise."
Kristen Seymour, Fit Bottomed Girls
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"A must-have for runners who want to improve performance and decrease risk of injury. Smart, thorough, and so helpful. Recommended for any runner, new or experienced, who wants to improve their performance and decrease risk of injury. (So, basically anyone who's got a pair of running shoes should probably have a copy.)"
Jenn Walters, Fit Bottomed Girls
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"This is the book I wish I had 10 years ago! I ran a marathon 10 years ago, and got injured during the race. Since then, I've never been able to train for any race over 4 miles without having reoccurring pain. I'm convinced that if I'd had this book and Alison's exercises back then, I would have never gotten injured! And, now that I do have her book, I'm getting back into running more and it feels GREAT."
Amazon Review
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"My children are tennis players, I am a weightlifter, and my husband is a swimmer. This book is great for all of us. We can look up the part of the body that we are experiencing discomfort with and quickly find some stretches and movements we can do, with minimal equipment to help us become aware what might be happening. Alison writes in such a positive tone reminding us that we have the power to strengthen ourselves. I highly recommend this book for movers of all kinds!!"
Jen C.
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"Clear instructions and easy to read. The Durable Runner is an excellent guide based on passionate, curious research by Alison Heilig. It provides a little something for everyone and advice for how to incorporate small changes to make an impact on different areas of focus for your body as your needs change. The book made me feel empowered to make myself more durable and stay active for years to come!"
Midwest Book Review
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"Chapters offer simple training routines that can be performed in fifteen minutes to improve one’s running ability as well as promote personal flexibility and resilience. The Durable Runner is a must-have for runners of all ages and backgrounds, from prospective racers to everyday joggers. Highly recommend!”
Watauga Democrat
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"Through nearly 200 pages of help, guidance and training, Heilig offers a master class in running for the long haul. Well-organized and illustrated, The Durable Runner gifts aficionados of the sport a complete package to build resiliency and prevent injury.”
Anne Moody, PhD, Appalachian Regional Healthcare Systems
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“A great resource for new or seasoned runners who want simple strategies to be well-rounded in the sport, The Durable Runner places the right emphasis on productive training and recovery between runs.”

My Mission

To educate, inspire, and empower others to move with greater awareness and purpose in their own personal pursuit of awesome.

-Alison Heilig

Access Your Full Potential

“This book is the first of its kind to combine corrective exercise, self-myofascial release, and yoga. It’s your comprehensive guide to creating a simple and efficient system of supplemental training that’s designed for your unique body and specific concerns.

In as little as 15 minutes per day, you can decrease your risk for injury, improve your running performance, maintain the health of your joints, and feel less fragile. The result: a more durable body and mind that will support your running — and your life — for years to come.”