Today marks a year since I started working for myself full-time. Wow, what an incredible adventure it’s been!

When I started this journey, I honestly had no idea where it would take me. I only knew that I wanted to give chasing my dream a fair shot and so I charged headfirst into the great unknown with a only small vision and a whole lotta passion. But if you would’ve told me then what my life would be like today, I would have laughed and probably said something along the lines of “shut the front door!” I might have even called you a liar.

Since that day a year ago, not only have I had the steadfast support of my husband and family but I’ve also gained an entire extended family in my fellow teacher trainees, trainers, fellow teachers, students and colleagues. Friendships have been formed that are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I’m unbelievably grateful for each and every one of these people. Hey guys, y’all mean the world to me, for realz.

I’ve also had the incredible honor of working with some of the best and most talented female writers/bloggers out there at Fit Bottomed Girls, Fit Bottomed Zen, Fit Bottomed Eats and Fit Bottomed Mamas. I’m still pinching myself over this one.

I’ve watched my small business and this little blog grow – even earning the title of one of the Top 25 Inspirational Running Blogs for Women. I’ve gotten to watch (and cheer for) several friends as they courageously chase their own dreams as well – a process that both amazes and inspires me every day.

I’ve worked with private clients to help them regain the strength they thought they’d lost for good. I’ve trained athletes of all ages and abilities and stood with them as they trained for and crushed their goals. I’ve captained 2 team events that got people believing in themselves and the power of their own potential — in the process I made some seriously awesome running friends for life.

It’s still so surreal. For the past year, I’ve been watching my dream of helping others find and unleash their inner superhero come to life right in front of me.

I’ve shed a bunch of stuff that I no longer needed and gained a life filled with love, support, compassion, inspiration and an abundance of the things I love. The people I surround myself with now challenge me every day to be the best possible and most authentic version of myself.

It’s not always easy and the process is sometimes quite painful but, looking back now on the past year, every moment was absolutely worth it and I couldn’t be more proud of myself and my journey.

I am truly beyond blessed. What a year it’s been! And things just keep getting better.

So, with that said, on to the next chapter. I’m totally pumped to share that in a few months I’ll be doing a 7-day intensive training with the fabulous Sage Rountree geared towards teaching yoga to athletes! YAY! I’m already planning to jam-pack 2017 full of as much awesomeness as humanly possible.

Thank you all soooooo much for your support this past year! Be sure stay tuned for new event details and dates here on this blog and on my Facebook page as they are finalized, my friends!


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  1. Coming from a guy who inspires the crap out of me, this is a compliment that I’ll gladly accept! You have the gift as well, my friend. Thanks for sharing your journey – the ups and downs – with me and the rest of the world!

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