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You deserve better.

Many women associate fitness & exercise with punishment and body shame which leads them to feel dissatisfied and even disgusted by themselves and their bodies. And the vicious cycle continues …

And look, I get it–all these beliefs about being and staying small & skinny at any cost were implanted and pounded into us as little girls and every single day since they’ve been reinforced through our culture and media messaging.

We weren’t told that we could use fitness and exercise to live bigger, bolder lives. We weren’t told that we could train for less pain, for better quality of life, for our mental health, for more adventure, to do awesome shit, and to be badass at any age.

I know this because it was my story too. Until it wasn’t. Until I started to question these beliefs. Then everything changed.

Now I know the truth–we’re all capable of doing some pretty extraordinary things and within each of us is a well of untapped athletic potential that isn’t limited (as we’ve been told) by how our bodies look or how much they weigh. And I’ll use my extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and sports medicine to prove it to you by educating and empowering you to navigate setbacks, challenges, and the physical changes that come throughout life with grit and grace so you can stop feeling bad about yourself and your body and instead renegotiate what’s truly possible for you. 

Let's do this!

Types of Sport/Fitness Coaching


I help new runners get started, and experienced runners get stronger and faster with increased endurance.

Corrective Exercise & Injury Management Programming

These programs are developed based on injury history and concerns with the goal of getting you back to the physical activities that you love.

Strength Training Coaching

Looking to get stronger and build greater stability and resilience in your body and your mind?

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Similar to Strength Training, but this includes muscular and cardiovascular conditioning as well.

Therapeutic Exercise & Injury Management Programming

For those who want to FEEL BETTER

You used to enjoy being more active but it feels like you keep getting injured and can’t shake the persistent pain.

You want to find a way to do the activities you love so you can pursue your goals, grow in meaningful ways, and achieve things that give you a sense of purpose.

You’ve gone through physical therapy but aren’t sure how to bridge the gap between PT and safely returning to activity.

These programs are designed to help you ease back into physical activity so you can get back to moving with less pain and doing what you love.

Strength Training Coaching

For those who want to GET STRONGER

You want to be strong and you want the muscles to prove it, plain and simple.

You’re looking for programming that will help you lift heavier, feel stronger and more powerful, or hit some awesome new milestones like stringing together a bunch of push-ups from your toes or getting that first unassisted pull-up.

Whether you have access to a gym or only have a few pieces of equipment at home to work with, as your coach I’ll help you excavate and embody the athlete you know you can be.

Run Coaching

For those who want to GO THE DISTANCE

Fitness photography for Alison Heilig by Tina Leu Fotos

There’s nothing quite like being able to call yourself a runner.

You might be looking to claim that title for yourself but aren’t sure where to begin without injuring yourself or hating the process.

You might already be a runner but are ready to test your limits, take it to a new level, and see what you’re really made of.

As your guide, I’ll design workouts to build your capacity, develop pacing targets to keep you on track, and share mindset shifts to build mental toughness and grit.

Nutrition Coaching

For those who want to FUEL THEIR GOALS & THRIVE

Thrive Nutrition Coaching

Ready to learn how to eat in a way that actually supports your goals instead of working against yourself with every bite?

Tired of feeling wiped out by life and your workouts?

We’ll help you explore how your food choices impact your performance, energy levels, muscle mass, and body composition.

We’ll work with you to create better nutritional habits for improved quality of life and fueling strategies to optimize your training.

We offer two approaches — macro tracking for those desiring very precise and specific results and habit-based coaching for those looking for general health + nutrition improvements.

Either way, you’ll have the flexibility to eat according to your own personal preferences and likes — no strict fad diets here. Just results through methods that fit your life.

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Similar to above for Strength Training, but this includes muscular and cardiovascular conditioning as well.

For people who want to get stronger and improve their overall fitness level. Well-rounded, intelligent programming designed to increase your capacity while also improving your durability. 

Programs and coaching that meet you where you are and build you up from there.

Tap into your power

It's time to pursue awesome

Prices vary depending on the type of coaching services you need. Here are some examples of the coaching programs:

Corrective Plan

$ 125 per 4-Week Training Block
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Injury Management Programs

Run Coaching Basic

$ 95 per 4-Week Training Block
  • Race Training
  • Conditioning Only

Run Coaching PLUS

$ 135 per 4-Week Training Block
  • Race Training
  • Conditioning
  • Running-Specific Strength Training

Strength Training

$ 115 per 4-Week Training Block

Strength & Conditioning

$ 145 per 4-Week Training Block

In-Person One-on-One Sessions

$ 125 per hour
  • Discounts offered on 4, 8, or 12 hour sessions

We Offer coaching packages that include: