Seriously, eat the damn cookies.

You do not have to “earn” holiday cookies or ANY food for that matter. And the same goes for the day after too with those attempts to “negate” calories.

Please stop treating exercise as a punishment for something you ate. Exercise because you want to care for your body, because your body was made to move, because it feels good and you enjoy it.

It’s time we got real — your success or failure doesn’t hinge on what you eat and how little you exercise for a few days each year around the holidays. Trust me, your health and fitness are not that fragile. The truth is that it’s the other 362 days that matter more.

So today, instead of obsessing or feeling guilty about what you eat, listen to your body and be present with these awesome moments of celebration surrounded by friends and family. And tomorrow, turn that calorie surplus into a PR in the gym. Because food is fuel, folks. And what better time to crush it than the day after a joyous feast.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends!

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