It’s that time again … #favethingsfriday where I share one of the things that makes my life more awesome.

I get asked pretty regularly which running shoes I use and love — my answer is Brooks without a doubt.

In fact, I love them so much that I’m currently working with 3 pairs of Brooks running shoes. Each has a specific purpose.

Ravennas (the black pair) for longer road runs. Asterias (the bright yellow/orange ones) for shorter runs and speed work). Cascadias (the muddy ones lol) for trails.

Overkill? Not really. I used to only have 2 pairs of running shoes working at a time — a pair for roads and a pair for trails. But I’ve learned that having a cushioned, supportive shoe for longer runs and a lighter, more minimal shoe for uptempo runs really has it’s advantages.

I’ve tried lots of other running shoes but I always settle on Brooks. The toebox is wide enough to accommodate my toe spread but not too wide. The cushioning is on the stiff side as far as running shoes go – which I love (can’t stand splooshy shoes). And they are durable and comfortable.

What are your go-to running shoes?

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