Most days, I’ve got way too much going on. It’s largely unavoidable and at this point is pretty much exactly where I need to be if I want to continue growing my business/brand. So I try to keep myself as organized possible. Some days are better than others if you catch my drift.

But if you know me personally, you know that I love to-do lists, planners, colorful pens, and just about anything else that gives the illusion that I’ve got my shit together. Fake it til you make it, amirite? But with everything I’ve got going on in my personal and professional worlds (which are actually no longer two separate things), it’s hard to find a planner that really “gets me” and the complex chaos that is my life.

I’ve got my training, my blog, my book, other writing gigs, private clients, online yoga classes, in-person yoga and CrossFit classes, self-care practices to keep me semi-sane, work travel, workshops & teacher training offerings, as well as relationships to maintain (you know like friends and family … the really important stuff). What I really need is an assistant. Or better yet, a clone.

So until I hire someone or human cloning really takes off (c’mon science), I’m sadly left to my own devices. Enter bullet journaling, which is my focus for this week’s #favethingsfriday.

Essentially, a bullet journal is a blank journal that just contains dots which you’re free to transform into anything. At first, the process is daunting for a partially-recovered perfectionist like me. I mean, blank pages = scary. On one hand, I’m free to create a planner that encompasses every aspect of my life. On the other, I could use a little direction here.

So needless to say, I sat on the bullet journal for a while, scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to lay everything out perfectly one day. Well, that day never came. Instead I opted for good enough and just started the damn thing back in December.

On one side, I log (and color code obvs) the tasks I need to accomplish every day of the current week. On the opposite page, I track priorities and progress on projects I have in the pipeline.

So it’s not pretty like the pics I see on the interwebs. In fact, it’s messy AF (kinda like the life it’s designed to help organize). But you know what, it’s perfect.

How do you stay organized and on top of things in your life?

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