I have really strong opinions about pretty much everything. Starting a conversation about certain subjects with me can be a bit like opening Pandora’s box.

But, that said, I’ve gotten much better over the past few years about being open to hearing other opinions and perspectives. I am starting to see that I don’t have to agree with others in order to make space for them to have an opinion that’s different from mine. I believe it’s a dangerous thing to think that I’m right and everyone else is wrong.

Everywhere I go, I talk to people that have had life experiences which are very different from mine. And because those experiences vary so much from person to person, it would be completely unreasonable to think that we would all arrive at the same place when it comes to what we believe.

And honestly, that’s what makes the world such an interesting place.

But I don’t live in lala land — there’s so much happening in the world that’s causing some serious (completely understandable) outrage. Negative stuff is constantly in my face and every day, I feel my cynicism increasing. I need to remind myself often that there are still good things happening as well.

So for this week’s #favethingsfriday, I’m sharing a bit about this tank (pictured) which has quickly become a fave of mine and in frequent rotation. I’ve gotten a ton of questions about it and I think the message is now more important than ever.

In case you can’t make it out in the picture, the tank says “Women Empowering Women”. It is my belief that we could all do a better job of empowering others instead of tearing each other down. I also believe that this is especially true about women. We are capable of providing incredible support to each other … but we are also capable of such tremendous acts of aggression and verbal violence toward each other. And frankly, it makes me sad to see how often women are choosing the latter.

This tank was created by the Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation who’s mission is to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation by empowering global, impoverished communities through efforts of education and entrepreneurship.

The Seva Foundation works with its partners to provide much needed counseling, food, shelter, medical care, and education to empower women to care for and support themselves. In other words, their work is focused on empowering and uplifting others as well as passing on the virtue of self-worth in a culture where women are thought to have little value.

Show your support for this worthwhile cause and women everywhere by purchasing your Seva Tank here.

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