People ask me questions all the time — about running, pull-ups, myofascial release, injuries, and many other things. Handstand questions are also very common.

I’m definitely not a natural handstander. In fact, I really sucked at it until about 2 years ago. The only thing I really had going for me was that I wasn’t afraid to fall a thousand times trying.

And the biggest place that people (including myself) get stuck is at the wall. You can quite literally get stuck there for years. It’s like the wall has a gravitation pull that just sucks you in.

It’s taken me years of almost daily practice to get where I am in my freestanding handstand practice. So inevitably, I’ve accumulated a number of drills that I find most effective for myself and when teaching this skill.

So in honor of Fave Things Friday, I’m sharing THIS DRILL because it’s most definitely my favorite. It’s one that I’ve used to overcome my reliance on the wall for support — it’s handstand perpendicular to the wall. It’s tricky to navigate at first but if you can get it, it’ll help you find the alignment of handstand better than leaning into a wall ever will. Of course, we all start at the wall but you also have to know when it’s time to step away from it.

For full instructions on this drill (and ways to work up to it), check out the latest Yoga for Durability online video which has been added to the series line-up. It’s free to subscribers.

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