So I’m gonna admit something to you now.

My only priority today was on meeting a deadline for my book — which I did right in the nick of time, in trademark Alison-style. Phew 😅

So as I sit here now breathing a hundred thousand sighs of relief, holding my favorite bubbly beverage, it occurred to me that it’s Friday and that means I still need to share one of my favorite things with you all for Fave Things Friday.

And normally I’d be super pumped about it but — to be completely honest — I’m pretty fried so I immediately started to panic that I’ve spent every last brain cell I’ve got on my book and now I’m gonna leave you high and dry this week.

And then, as I took another sip, it hit me … why not share this delightful beverage. I mean, it’s one of favorite things, it’s really good for gut health, and it’s delicious — yep, I’d say it checks all the boxes.

So here it is, my favorite healthy beverage: GT’s Trilogy Kombucha.

Look, I know kombucha is like super trendy right now and it may seem a little hipster for your taste, but hear me out. I love this stuff and I can’t say for sure that this is the cause of it, but I’ve had zero digestive issues since I made this an almost daily addition to my diet. Seriously though, I now have top-notch, championship-caliber, digestive function I tell you — even when I’m crazy stressed. And it wasn’t always that way, trust me. (I’ll spare you those details … you’re welcome.)

It’s loaded with probiotics. Plus it’s bubbly and fantastic. What’s not to love?

Pick some up and give your gut a shot of this refreshing magic elixir.

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