I’m gonna let you in on something you might not have known about me … I have psoriasis. It’s an incurable autoimmune disease that manifests on my skin.

In my 20s, I would have these REALLY severe flare-ups that covered large parts of my body which could only be managed by massive doses of steroids. But over the years, I’ve figured out ways to manage the symptoms without drugs through — you guessed it — a proper anti-inflammatory diet, exercise, and stress management.

However, despite all my best efforts, every once in a while, it still rears it’s head on my head … or more specifically, on my face. Yep, right there for the world to see. But the worst part isn’t how it looks (I’m so used to that), it’s how it FEELS, especially once I start sweating. And if you know anything about me, you know that I do a whole lotta stuff that makes me sweat throughout the day. During a flare, sweat makes my face feel like it’s on fire 🔥🔥🔥

But these products from Lush Cosmetics have been seriously life-changing. It’s a struggle to find inexpensive, natural skin care products that don’t irritate my skin when it’s flaring. I need a gritty deep cleanser that effectively exfoliates my face to get rid of all the post-workout sweat and grime but I also need a super rich and calming moisturizer to hydrate and soothe my sometimes cranky skin. As with all Lush products, these items are fresh, responsibly sourced, handmade, not tested on animals, and won’t break the bank — and better yet, they are super effective and don’t irritate my skin.

I pour so much into my life and these products make sure that it doesn’t show up in my skin. This is why they get this week’s #favethingsfriday feature. I work hard and I need my skin care to work even harder.

My must-haves include: Herbalism CleanserFull of Grace Solid Serum, and Skin Drink Moisturizer (all pictured here).

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