After a rough start to the week (thanks to the red-eye flight, all the jet-lag, and a low-grade skin infection), by mid-week this week I was ready to tear shit up in the gym. Seriously, I could not wait to get my hands on some heavy weights and start crushing the tough metabolic conditioning workouts my coaches had all planned out and waiting for me.

I always love the surge in strength that I feel after a planned week away. For years, I thought that taking a week off would make me weak, as if all the hard-earned muscle would just melt away in those seven days. And as a result, I used to have a ton of anxiety about having to take time away from running or the gym. Now, I welcome it. Because when I’m able to get back to it, my body is well-rested and ready to prove that it’s capable of more than I imagined.

It’s physiology, my friends. Rest, when taken strategically and intentionally, can be really great for your body and your progress. Don’t fear it. Everything you’ve worked to create for months, years, etc. won’t be erased in a week. We have to believe that our efforts simply aren’t that fleeting and fragile.

The trick is the just jump right back in where you left off as soon as possible. And if you do, I think you’ll find that you get a bit of a boost, provided that you didn’t wait long to get back to it.

So this week, in honor of my strong desire to crush it, I assembled a playlist of my favorite workout songs — the jams that get me PUMPED and ready to beast mode my training sessions. Today, I’m sharing this playlist with you for #favethingsfriday. You can check it out on Spotify HERE.

What songs get you pumped?


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