As Type-A as I tend to be, I’m still not one of those yoga teachers who pours over or does cute theme stuff with the class playlist. Typically, I just throw it together at the last minute based on my vibe at the time. Sometimes it works, sometime not so much. C’est la vie.

But I do love music. I grew up in a musical household (thanks mom) and music has always been such a healing and inspirational force throughout my life.

I’ve got a pretty broad spectrum of favorite music types. During my workouts, loud, angry music really gets me pumped and ready to tear shit up. But otherwise I prefer mellow singer-songwriter style stuff — usually from obscure artists nobody (not even me) has heard of.

So, needless to say, Spotify has been a real money saver for me — not to mention how much space it’s saved me since my iTunes library is already massive — and it’s also helped me to find enough new mellow and obscure music to populate the playlists of the 6+ yoga classes I teach every week.

And while at times I wish I could be one of those teachers that always has a perfectly-orchestrated playlist for each class, every once in a while I put together a list that just works. Through the duration of the yoga class, it weaves a beautiful story of melodies and notes that hits just the right way and with flawless timing. It’s super rare but when it happens, it’s magical AF.

Yesterday morning was one of those days. Man, that playlist was on point. So on point, in fact, that right after class was over, I played it again as I took a morning stroll through Rock Creek Regional Park.

So for this week’s installment of Fave Things Friday, I’m sharing the playlist with you because it’s definitely one of my faves. You can check it out on Spotify here.

Also, if you want to hear this playlist in action, I’m planning to use it when I teach my FREE yoga class at lululemon in the Montgomery Mall THIS SUNDAY (7/15) at 9:30AM. So if you’re in the Washington, DC area — come move with this music with me this weekend! I promise you’ll leave feeling awesome and ready to take on the week. If you’re interested in coming (please come), click here to sign-up and reserve your mat space.

What are your favorite songs to move to? 

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