My schedule is a bit all over the place most days. Between teaching yoga, teaching CrossFit, working with my corrective exercise clients, creating online strength & conditioning programs for my athletes, writing a book, running a blog and multiple websites, growing my brand, learning everything I can so I can be of greater service to my clients, and completing multiple training sessions per day, sometimes it’s hard to know if I’m coming or going.

Don’t get me wrong, I chose the life and I really do enjoy it. It suits me way better than my previous life in corporate legal where I was chained to my desk for 9+ hours every day. But it can really take a toll if I’m not careful.

Since I spend large parts of the day on the go, I’m always on the hunt for great dairy-free protein options that taste great, are super portable, and keep my stomach satisfied and my energy high. And lately I’ve been leaning away from protein shakes when I can — I really just never have been much of a fan of drinking my food. #callmeoldfashioned

A while back, I stumbled upon this brand No Cow and it quickly became a favorite of mine. So today, I’m sharing a bit about them with you for this week’s edition of #favethingsfriday.

While I love all the products pictured, my absolute favorites are the Lemon Meringue Pie protein bar and the Brownie Batter spread (which I don’t actually spread on anything other than a spoon or my finger in transit to my mouth).

Initially, I was hesitant to try the Lemon Meringue bar and instead gravitated toward the more familiar chocolate and peanut butter offerings. But when I did finally try it, my mind was blown. It’s so light, refreshing, and delicious AF — not chalky at all.

And don’t even get me started on the Brownie Batter spread. It’s dangerously addictive. Same texture and flavor as brownie batter.

Imagine how heartbroken I was when the Wegman’s near me stopped carrying this little tub of joy ☹️😩😭 But, as usual, Amazon came through for me in a big way and now I don’t have to be without this nectar of the gods anymore. WHEW!

Use code “alisonh20” for 20% of your order at

What are your favorite ways to get your protein in while on the go?

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