Happy Friday ya’ll!! And as usual, I’m here to share one of the things I’m totally loving right now for #favethingsfriday 🙌🏻

Between gym training sessions and running, I spend a ton of time jamming out with headphones. I guess it’s no wonder that I get asked all the time which bluetooth headphones I recommend. After all, I’ve had several pairs and have certainly put them to the test.

So here they are, my favorites: the Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Headphones. Let me tell you why I love them.

  1. They actually stay on my head and they don’t make my ear holes miserable. This is so important.
  2. They are super durable and stand up to even the sweatiest workouts without any slippage or distortion.
  3. They’ve seen many hours of play and still haven’t died. This shouldn’t be a big deal but other brands I’ve tried have died after 6 months of my typical (admittedly heavy) use — including one pair that died in the middle of a marathon … horrible timing. Way to leave me hanging, stupid cheap headphones!
  4. The battery life in these suckers is amazeballs. I’m notoriously terrible at charging things so it helps that these guys give me a few days of wear before needing a charge.
  5. The controls don’t require you to be a rocket scientist. Fun fact, I’m also not great with figuring out control on electronics but I figured these out without even reading the little instruction book.

I’ve actually owned two pairs of these now. I lost my first pair at the start line of the Chicago Marathon last Fall. It’s a very sad story. I was being careless and during the security check, I must have dropped them. Someone got a really great pair of headphones from me … much to my dismay.

I ran that marathon sans music and immediately ordered another pair once the race was over. That’s how much I loved them — without batting an eye at the price or spending time considering other options, I replaced them in a flash.

If you’re looking for a great pair of Bluetooth headphones to get you through your workouts, grab yourself a pair of these. They are so so worth it!

Which wireless headphones are you rocking these days? Do you love them?

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