Somewhere along the line, we learned to associate areas of tension and tightness with things that need to be stretched. But the reality is that, while stretching certainly has a place in routine physical maintenance, it’s not typically productive long-term when talking about chronic tension.

This about it this way: if stretching all your “tight” parts made them better, why do you still feel tight there? And yet, you keep stretching, perhaps hoping that one day you’ll find the “right stretch” that’ll hit the spot and solve all your problems.

So if stretching seems to only be a short-term solution for you, it’s time to try other approaches. All my live and online classes this month are focused on increasing shoulder stability to decrease neck and upper back tension. Because sometimes tension is merely a symptom, not the problem. To address the tension in the long-term then, we need to find and fix the underlying issue. That’s the plan for this month — solve the problem.

Sound like something you could use? Join me in class or check out this video — a simple 10-minute shoulder and posture reset.