While trying to plow through and process 55 hours of neuroanatomy, genetics, cognitive development, behavioral psychology, and TCM content while still very much attached to the day-to-day operations of my business is challenging, there really could not have been a more appropriate time for me to be diving deep into this mental health & wellness training.

As I speak to my students and those closest to me, I see that many of us are looking for new, better, or perhaps just more tools to help us cope with the new challenges we face these days. Maybe what seemed to work initially has stopped being helpful. Maybe you haven’t yet found something that works for you. Or maybe you’ve managed the intensity but feel your endurance fading with time.

There are many different ways to experience anxiety and many different ways to deal with it — some you might find helpful and others not so much. My hope for us all is that we learn to recognize the sensations, separate them from our thoughts, strip them of our judgments, and learn to approach them with a sense of curiosity so that we’re able to expand our toolbelts.

Humans are beautifully complex so there is no one-size-fits-me-all-of-the-time approach. If we can give ourselves permission and the flexibility to approach what we feel with a sense of wonder rather than with fear and resistance then perhaps we can move past or through those feelings with greater ease.

We might try to avoid feeling things because we don’t want to “dwell on the negative” or we’re afraid the feeling will somehow overtake us if we open the door to it. But let us never forget that we are not our feelings and we have the power to choose whether we engage with them or not, whether we let them attach to inner judgments or thoughts, whether we let them drive our actions.

That’s what I’m exploring today: perhaps what I feel isn’t the problem … maybe how I feel ABOUT how I feel is. Or maybe there’s no problem at all other than the one my own judgment about what I’m feeling is creating.

Can you have the courage today to be open to your current experience? Can you have the strength to open the door and be kind to whatever you find?