When combined with knee strengthening work, connective tissue work can be a game-changer in terms of minimizing knee pain.

Together, these techniques can promote the healthy, organized laying down of collagen as well as the hydraulics needed to absorb and transmit force and allow for smooth movement and glide of the underlying joint structures.

Sure, for some people there’s some degree of immediate relief but the real magic is in being more proactive in using these techniques to train the tissues to be more durable so they can support you and all the things you enjoy doing.

So as your mileage ramps up with the warmer weather, start to sprinkle this work in BEFORE the aches and pains set in.

And in general, when it comes to this kind of soft tissue work, it’s helpful to shift away from the mindset of this being something you only pull out of your back pocket when things hurt and more toward a mindset of general maintenance for the tissues.

Because this kind of work isn’t just about relieving tension in the muscles but is really geared toward promoting the health and resilience of the connective tissues that support, connect, and move your muscles and bones.

Try these 4 techniques if you are prone to knee pain and let me know how it goes.