In my Tuesday and Thursday yoga classes at Thrive Yoga and Yoga Bliss Studios, each month I choose a specific area of the body and spend the whole month teaching different drills to create better activation and awareness of that are to help my students learn how to support themselves better. I really love this approach because it allows me and my students several weeks to really investigate and tease out all the ways this area and the support we provide ourselves there really affects not only our yoga postures but also the rest of our movement and posture in life.

In January, the focus of my classes was on improving the strength and stability of our feet while maintaining the mobility of our ankles. The main objective was to improve balance and coordination — something many people mention to me that they struggle with. And it’s no wonder, we give very little thought to the proper function of our feet and ankles until they get injured and every step we take is painful. We cram them into shoes and don’t teach them to support us well as we age and eventually underuse combined with gravity create dysfunction here at the foundation.

For more detailed help on how to work on these areas to improve your balance, running, and … well, pretty much everything you do while upright on your feet, get a copy of my book and check out the bonus video content.

If you’re struggling with foot and ankle issues and you’re local, email me and let’s set up a time to investigate and work through it together.

And if you’re curious about this foot and ankle work but couldn’t get to my live classes in January, no worries because I record 3-4 of the classes each month and add them to my Yoga for Durability online yoga subscription classes which is only $10/month — an absolute steal at less than the cost of one yoga class per month.