I’m so excited about this month! No, not because I like the month of March — it’s because it’s Spine Month in all my classes and there’s not much that I like more than nerding out about the human spine 🤓

Expect the content I produce this month on social media HERE and HERE to be heavily geared toward helping you minimize lower back pain and ease upper back and neck tension.

One of the challenges I see is that when people have lower back pain, they stop moving or try to move as little as possible. But that usually only makes the problem worse because the longer we hold certain positions, the less resilient our spines become. Your spine is self- sustaining which means that movement keeps the structure healthy. So lower back pain sufferers need to find pain-free ways to move your spine while working on creating better internal support. And the bonus here is that you don’t need massive ranges of motion here to keep your spine healthy — in fact, gentler is often better. All month long, I’ll be sharing all my favorite ways to help to that and maintain your spine’s natural resilience as you age.

And while the party officially started at my 6:30AM class yesterday morning, you can get in on the action from anywhere in the world because I’ll be posting short classes to my online yoga platform throughout the month — starting with this one which I’m sharing with you today for FREE  because you follow my work. It’s my little way to show you that I appreciate you!

So check out this 18-minute, simple, beginner-friendly, no-props-needed practice designed to get your spine moving while creating some stability and support around your hips and lower back. Trust me, your spine will thank you!