If you watch my Instagram feed you may have noticed that I’ve become more than a little obsessed with an activewear company named Onzie (pronounced own-zee). And if you really pay attention, you’ll see that it’s rare that I’m photographed without at least one article of Onzie clothing.


See? All Onzie clothes…I’m totally obsessed! What can I say?? They’re amazing!!

But, I have to tell you, a package I received a little while ago has sent this obsession into hyperdrive (which is like overdrive…but on steroids). More on that later…

First, a bit about my new favorite brand. Onzie’s active apparel is affordable, super functional, flexible and flattering, blending traditional yoga wear with modern elements with a whimsical edge. Their Free-Flow Fabric Technology is durable, breathable and fast-drying to keep your body cool, dry and comfortable while sweating, swimming (safe for pools or salt water), or simply lounging around. Oh yeah, and every part of their process including knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, photography, marketing, distribution and design all happen in Los Angeles, CA.

What do I love most about this awesome brand?? LOTS!!

Their leggings & capris are wicked awesome! I’m funny about workout clothes – my short torso and short legs can make buying bottoms a problem. As with all new brands, I was reluctant to try all the cute styles but Onzie impressed me. Their bottoms fit REALLY well, are super lightweight, have just the right amount of stretch to be supportive but comfortable. The waist bands are elastic-free so you’ve got the option of wearing them up for more belly coverage or rolling them down – and still no muffin-top (I don’t mean the good kind). No digging into your skin and somehow they still stay perfectly in place. I’m hooked and I have a rapidly-growing collection of Onzie leggings and capris to prove it!


Their yoga shorts rocked my world. Okay, so I have a strict “no booty shorts” policy…well, I used to anyway – Onzie’s shorts (which I tried on a whim) are total game changers! I’m in love with their Side String Shorts! There’s no elastic in the waistband – so no dreaded belly squishing action – and the strings on the sides make the length and overall cut of the shorts super customizable. The leg openings are tight enough to avoid overexposure but loose enough to not dig into my thighs and create extra bumps. I actually wish I could live in these shorts – and this is coming from someoone who previously wouldn’t be caught dead in anything that had an inseam shorter than 5 inches. They fit like a dream and the rise is what I would consider the “Goldilocks Standard”…you know, not too high, not too low – in other words, they’re perfect. Frankly, I couldn’t imagine ever not feeling self-conscious in shorty shorts but Onzie made me a believer! I have them 3 colors already.

Their tops are so easy to wear. Onzie tops are cut really well and fit true to size, with flowy fabrics that have just enough weight to create a flattering drape while still feeling light and divine against your skin. For us shorter gals, some of the tops are cut longer but Onzie gives you enough fabric to tie them up, which actually looks super cute. Everything is made from sweat-wicking materials that don’t get heavy when covered in sweat, making them super-functional.

My only gripe – which is directed more toward my maker than Onzie – is that sadly not all their bra styles work for me due to my teeny-tiny rib cage and large cup size. I’m really digging the Chic Bra and Sun Ray Bra but even those would need a bit more fabric in the front to make me feel totally comfortable with the level of exposure during an inversion – not that this stopped me from buying both styles in several colors and patterns. But if you aren’t built like me, I’m sure you’ll love them all because, aside from my own personal need for more fabric, their bras are very comfortable, supportive enough for yoga and the details are absolutely gorgeous.

Overall, I love Onzie for their timeless basics, funky-fresh patterns, bright and vibrant colors, and super comfy yet extremely durable fabrics that feel like butter.

Now back to the package I received recently (the suspense is killing you, I know), here’s what it contained:


The Chic Bra in Big Bang is stunning and the strappy back looks so delicate and is super flattering. But every other pair of leggings in my wardobe are now insanely jealous because the Long Leggings in Peacock Green are, hands down, my new faves. The colors are so vibrant and fun – I dare you to wear them and NOT smile. I took them for a test drive last night in Rock Creek Park…


Thank you Cindy and the rest of the awesome folks at Onzie!! You’re my lastest obsession and I’ve got nothing but love for you.

Check out all the latest styles and patterns at www.onzie.com and be sure to check them out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

P.S. While you’re on their website, go to the #onziegear tab and check me out wearing my Graphic Freefly Leggings and Sun Ray Bra!!! I realized while I was grabbing links from their site to finish up this post that I’m featured there in two places!! AHHHH!! So awesome, made my year 🙂IMG_5951IMG_5950

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  1. I NEED to check Onzie out ASAP!!!! I’m like you when it comes to short shorts like that – I’m like NO WAY am I wearing those!! But you’ve sold me lol They’re so cute and I need to try them! I also need to get back to yoga… but that’s another story. And I loooooove strappy bras!!!! Congrats again on the partnership – you’re amazing!


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