Photo Cred: Photography by Giselle

As an athlete, business owner, and leader in my family and community, my ability to set aside my emotions, tune out pain, and focus through intensity, challenge, and pressure has served me well.

As a human otherwise, these same attributes, when left unchecked over a period of time, are often liabilities — leaving me feeling neglected, unsupported, disconnected from myself, and unable to recognize and express how I feel. I become cold and numb.

I’m working on being able to embrace both sides of the coin and switch between them more skillfully and fluidly. In smart training models, periods of intense effort, focus, growth, and challenge are always followed by periods of rest, reflection, and recovery. This is what allows an athlete to train at high volume or intensity without breaking down — it’s a recipe for high performance. There’s a time to push and a time to feel.

This week was a tough, emotionally-challenging week for my family which involved several unexpected private twists. In typical Alison-style, in the middle of it all, I thought clearly and acted swiftly, calmly, and logically. I put my feelings aside and did what needed to be done under the most extreme pressure. For that ability, I am grateful.

But for now, I’m coming up for air, catching my breath, reconnecting to how I feel, and gathering myself for the road ahead.

This is why I created my meditation podcast, GRIT + grace. Moments of stillness and reflection to keep you operating at your best through whatever life throws at you.

Check out Episode 12, released today, which has helped me immeasurably throughout this week — link in bio.