In any given week, between my private clients, my yoga students, and my personal community of family and friends, I have interactions with a number of people — enough to see some trends develop in terms of common experiences.

One such commonality I’ve seen emerging lately is the feeling of wanting to go back to the way things were — you know, the “good old days”. Whether this change came as the result of injury, aging, pregnancy, loss, or any other major life change.

It’s funny how certain moments in our lives look so much shinier and appealing in retrospect — when they really didn’t feel particularly remarkable during the actual experience of them. Perhaps our vision is clearer in retrospect … or perhaps we just romanticize the past when the present isn’t comfortable.

Life will bring you changes you don’t like from time to time. This is an inevitable and unavoidable part of growth and being human. And when that happens, it’s so easy to get caught and tangled up in thinking that if you just go back to who you were and have your life be the way it used to be that things would go back to “normal” — whatever that means.

What if we could approach our lives, less from the perspective of our history, and more from a place of hope for the future? Less about who we have been and more about who we can become?

What if you could let go of finding a way “back to normal” — what if a new normal was yours to create?

Stop fighting with yourself about to get back to being the person you believe you once were. Focus on becoming the person you were meant to be. Because when you’re able to untangle yourself from the past and who you once were, you can see that the best of you is always still to come.

For guidance on how to get there mentally, check out Episode 13 of my GRIT + grace Podcast — just released this morning.