Throughout our lifetimes, we all pick up stories about who we are and what we’re capable of.

These stories form beliefs that get added to storyboard and programmed into the circuitry in our heads. We carry them with us as “truth” to be applied in every circumstance that follows — ultimately creating a container that keeps us small and boxed into the past. That is unless we decide to call them into question.

Every day, I work with people who are now beginning to question these stories. There is some part of every client I work with that knows there’s something out there beyond those walls. There’s something inside of each and every one of them that feels the pull of wondering what would happen if they stepped outside the container.

I believe in human potential. I also know from my own personal experience and story that the biggest limiter to that potential is the things we tell ourselves about who we are and the world around us. It’s the labels we give ourselves or take on that seem true at the time but we carry long past their apparent usefulness.

There was a time when I was weak, fragile, hopeless, lost. And my life would be very different if I never let myself explore the possibility beyond those labels and stories. And now it’s my life’s work to get people asking the question — what if … what if this thing I believe is not true anymore? Who could I become if I softened my grip on this label I’m carrying?

Episode 15 of my GRIT + grace Podcast (released today) will ask you to consider those questions for yourself. So if you’re wondering what the world looks like outside the walls of the container you’ve built around yourself, I see you and this one’s for you.

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