Like most people lately, I’ve been struggling. And even though I’ve got many tools at my disposal, it’s been challenging for me to settle myself into these practices.

Every time I sit in meditation or begin a movement practice, I’m met with a wide array of emotional sensations that are both uncomfortable and paralyzing.

These practices that I’ve spent years cultivating have become difficult lately and I find myself feeling increasingly more frustrated with them and me.

But I also know that these are the times I prepare for, they are what I’ve been practicing for — learning to sit with uncertainty and discomfort, learning to be in struggle and still meet myself with compassion and grace, learning to steady myself within myself, as emotions arise and fluctuate, as everything around me changes.

This time when it’s hard to do is not an interruption from my work of growth and development. This IS the work.

So as tempting as it may be to temporarily throw in the towel, now is not the time to give myself a break from the habits and practices that sustain and support me, it’s time to double down on them.

This, right here, is the work.

If you too are feeling this, check out Episode 21 of my GRIT + grace Podcast. It’s a great reminder that everything that comes up in your practice and your life, is simply part of the experience. You don’t need to control what’s happening or what thoughts or emotions that are present. You only need to meet them and yourself with grace.

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