The past few years have been a long, slow, deliberate practice of consciously releasing the glorification of busyness in my life.

I made the choice to no longer wear my busyness as a badge of honor. It’s been a constant practice to get this far and, admittedly, I still have so far to go.

This period of quarantine has exposed lots of places where I still have work to do. It was uncomfortable to slow down, to stop moving and doing and growing and striving.

Even 10 minutes spent doing nothing was 10 minutes I could be spending being productive. Sleeping an extra half hour was 30 minutes I could be using to knock out something on the to-do list or training to get fitter. Add it all up and it felt like so much wasted time. Slowing down feels like losing ground — at least that’s how it sometimes feels to me.

But I feel so much better when I create the space to slow down and even stop doing things for a few minutes every day. This time when I just let myself be, without fixing things, not keeping up appearances, or holding it together, or striving to be better, or struggling to produce more. In these moments I remember one very important truth …

✨ I am so much more than this. ✨

I’m so much more than my do list, my physical capacity, the roles I play, my level of productivity, my level of fitness, the likes and shares I get on my posts, the success of my business, the shape of my body, and the things I accomplish.

And when I get very still and quiet, I feel it. I can sense that when it all falls away there is something in there that remains. This glowing, moving, pulsing power within that makes everything else possible.

I am not what I do. I am something far more powerful. And so are you ❤️

It’s time you remembered who you are.

This week’s episode of the GRIT + grace Podcast is all about that exploration of “Who You Are” underneath it all — the powerful and unique essence of you.

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