I want you to feel more resilient and capable.

Yoga for Durability

Purposeful movement is more than getting from here to there. It’s a process of self-discovery and gaining greater self-awareness. Sometimes all you really need is the right tools to guide you as you move at your own pace in your pursuit of awesome.

I have a unique approach to teaching that blends mindfulness training with conscious movement, providing clear cues and a deeper understanding of how your body works while assisting you on your journey toward your fitness goals.

Get instant access to my yoga teaching expertise in an ongoing series of online classes you can take at your own pace and in your own home. Frequently updated with new classes, this yoga and self-myofascial release series targets specific areas and mindsets that anyone—from practicing athletes to new yoga students—can benefit from. These are simple, effective, and accessible yoga practices tailored to building physical and mental resilience.

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