Mudderella events are world class, 5-7 mile long obstacle courses. Own Your Strong.

So here’s a little story about how our Mudderella actually went.  We had some people interested in running an obstacle race and we had some newbies we convinced to join us thinking this would be a great first mud run to take part in.  Let’s start off with the fact that this isn’t a cheap race.  We signed up early and it was still around $100 – pretty pricey for a shorter obstacle race.  Mudderella falls under the Tough Mudder umbrella, so I’m blaming it on that.  I’m not usually a fan of gender specific and slightly sexist activities, but I can understand how obstacle races might be intimidating to some and if you’ve never done anything like this, Mudderella might be a great option.  I also like the idea of women empowerment and encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones, but I felt a little insulted with this particular course.  This was far from “world class” and it definitely wasn’t muddy.

We had a 5 mile course with 10 obstacles and we were expecting a lot of mud, so we were a bit disappointed when we saw our first obstacle was crawling under wire in dirt.  We kept prodding along waiting for mud and some fun stuff to really test us, but each obstacle was just as disappointing as the first.  There was very little, actual mud and the obstacles were really pretty easy and basic as far as obstacle races go.  You had some walls to climb up and over, some tire swings, a couple trench crossings, and a piggy back ride with each other. The running was the hardest part, mostly due to the heat and humidity, but they were good about having several water stations and also had small protein bars available. They even had port-a-johns at the water stations which was a nice touch.

We quickly approached the final obstacle, which was by far the best one, a cargo net climb followed by a nice, steep slide into a pool of water.  It was actually pretty fun and a great way to end the run. We received our headbands and free shirts along with some post-race snacks, and a free beer, because it wouldn’t be a race without a free beer!  They had a rinse off station (which was pretty useless considering the last obstacle was in a pool of water), but then the changing tent was super far away from everything else.  They had a merchandise tent with cute, but overpriced Mudderella gear.  They also had a mini Mudderella course for the kids which was great.  Overall, a fun day with friends, but a lackluster mud run.

A few other things to note; they offered “premium parking” for a $15 fee until it was closer to race day and then it jumped to a $30 fee.  General parking was off site, about 20 minutes away in Rockville, MD, which for those of us from the area seemed a bit ridiculous.  Why would we drive out 20 minutes only to be shuttled back to the race?  It was at a farm in Montgomery County and they could have easily allowed more parking on site or at least used nearby schools or large parking lots as parking options.  They only had one packet pick-up location and that was all the way in DC at an Athleta store, so, I’m glad they did at least let you get your stuff the day of the race. The check-in process was a bit slow, but they did have free temporary tattoos, face paint, raffles and a nice warm-up session before each wave. Some things I did not appreciate included charging spectators to just spectate and charging $10 just to check your bag, which I’ve never had a race do.  That’s a great way to discourage future participation on all fronts. Communications weren’t great before race day and even though you signed up requesting a particular start time, you didn’t find out your actual start time until a week before race day.  In general, I just felt like a lot of it was thrown together last minute.  I think they could have made this a much better experience with some minor changes.  I completed the post race survey and definitely gave them my two cents, so maybe next year we’ll actually get muddy.

Our team #tooeasy definitely showed this race how easy it really was!


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