🛑 STOP whatever you’re doing and HYDRATE 💦

A huge part of your blood is water so dehydration and increased sweat loss from the heat can reduce your blood volume. This means there’s less oxygen getting to the cells of your body and your heart has to then work even harder to support you.

Being dehydrated by only 2% of your bodyweight can cause a significant decline in your running performance and it’s unnecessarily stressful for your heart.

Drink water throughout the day rather than waiting until you’re thirsty or chugging a bunch all at once.

Also, when running in heat and high humidity, you should expect that your heart rate, body temp, sweat rate, and perceived exertion (how hard the run “feels”) to be higher than normal.

No, you’re not less fit now, your system just has to work harder in this weather. But you can help your body out and minimize the extra load by staying hydrated all day.

Cheers🚰 and carry on, friends.