Any runner can tell you that we hear our fair share of nonsense about running. Among my favorites: “Aren’t you afraid you’ll ruin your knees?” No, no even a little bit.

As a running coach, I struggle with getting people to let go of all the crap they’ve heard about running. It’s a personal mission for me because – at some point in my life – I believed this junk myself and it led me to think I could never be a successful runner.

Check out my latest post for Fit Bottomed Girls5 Ridiculous Lies You’ve Heard About Running – and let me know if you believe or have since have let go of any of these myths.

UPDATE: You can also find this article here onĀ POPSUGAR Fitness.

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  1. Can’t agree more. Not only is it in running, but in life in general. People say what they have heard inputted into their brains their entire life. We must change our narratives…we must change our inputs so that we can change our outcomes.

  2. Totally! I’ve come to believe that every lesson we learn in running applies equally to life in general. Agreed – we must change our narratives. -A

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