Yep folks, that’s me. Those are my toes standing on my scale this morning. I weigh 150 pounds. And I’m 5’2”. If you were to calculate my BMI, you’d find that I am classified as “overweight”.

But here’s what the scale does not tell you: I wear a size 4. My resting heart rate is 38 beats per minute. I’ve completed 17 marathons and 6 ultra marathons. I can deadlift and squat more than 200 pounds. My blood pressure is 105/65. I run about 1,800 miles each year. I can box jump 36”.

And while none of these numbers define me, when you really get down to it, how much I weigh is truly the least interesting thing about me. And it says absolutely nothing whatsoever of value about my overall health, fitness, or happiness.

Seriously #fuckthescale — Let’s pick better numbers to pay attention to. Okay?

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