Yoga is so much more than exercise. And if you’re like me – someone who gets her fitness from other forms of moving and shaking – yoga can sometimes seem like it doesn’t really fit into your life.

But for those of us who don’t necessarily need to rely on yoga as a means of keeping our bodies fit, there’s a whole laundry list of what it can do for us — things that we’re probably not getting from all the other strength, conditioning and endurance work that we already do. Things like better range of motion, improved body awareness, sharper concentration skills, more joint stability, enhanced functional strength, reduced muscular tension and correcting physical imbalances leading to a lowering of the chances of getting injured. Additionally, through breath work, we can learn to better tolerate discomfort while staying focused and calm – a skill that I credit for my success in ultra-running.

Just FYI, in my book, if you move your body, you’re an athlete. But even if you’re still reluctant to throw yourself into the “athlete” bucket, come learn how yoga can improve your movement, transform your headspace, rock your world and change your life.

Sign up now for my upcoming series Yoga for Athletes. The cost is $79 and it gets you 4 specialized yoga classes with me. Classes are held every Sunday in February at 1PM at Thrive Yoga in Rockville, MD. No prior experience with yoga is required.

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  1. Great focus for a yoga class. Yoga is a fantastic way to prepare yourself mentally for a race and avoid injury. Good luck with the class! 🙂

  2. Yoga is also great for pre running preparation. I’m training for a marathon with SportMe runner app and plan to begin yoga. The app calculates distance, time, pace and calories.

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