When you’re working toward personal growth and development, not every day will feel like a win. In fact, some days will leave you feeling shattered, trying to make sense of the mess, and hoping to find the silver lining.

But that’s where the good stuff is — often the most valuable moments in our lives rise out of these times when we’re left to question everything we believe about ourselves. These moments of fear, doubt, and discomfort expose the places where we still have lessons to learn. It’s ultimately up to you whether you read the difficult chapters or skip over them.

In the end, the real victory is in learning to look at the mess and see the opportunity. To see your life as a classroom, the people around you as teachers, and yourself as a student. It truly is all in how you view your situation.

Here’s two important mindset shifts that will set you up for success on your path toward personal growth.

(1) Take responsibility. Look, bad stuff happens, sometimes through no fault of your own. And while you’re certainly entitled to your feelings, remember that the only person who can move you forward is you. It may not have been your fault that you ended up where you did, but it is still your responsibility. I get it, in the moment, it feels easier to remain in the role of victim, blaming everyone and everything, but that isn’t the path to empowerment. When life knock you down, it’s okay to have an emotional reaction but don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s ultimately your job to pick yourself up again.

(2) Focus on growth. This is your life and therefore, you get to define what success looks like for you. You have the privilege of and responsibility for designing your days around that which you deem most valuable. So if you truly value your growth more than your ego, let go of the preconceived definitions of success and failure. Worry less about what it looks like to the rest of the world. Instead, focus on how you can use each and every moment of your life to learn something about yourself that will lead you toward meaningful, long-term growth rather than quick results and instant gratification. When growth is the goal (as opposed to some specific outcome that may or may not be within your control), it’s hard to fail.

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