A few weeks ago, I released a yoga video designed to strengthen and create more resilience in your hamstrings. And ever since then, people have been coming out of the woodwork to tell me about their hamstring stuff — it’s seems that when you get down to it, everybody has a hamstring “thing” these days.

Traditionally, yoga has been very biased toward stretching the hamstrings. And while it’s true that your hamstrings do need stretching from time to time, they also REALLY need strengthening. Problem is, most of aren’t really all that good at doing it.

I mean, sure, we think we’re using our hamstrings for things like running, walking, and deadlifting but — as I found out a few months ago when my Olympic lifting coach looked at my lifting videos — it is entirely possible to do all the running, walking, lifting, as well as many other things without really utilizing our hamstrings to their full potential.

As a result, not only does performance suffer but so do our hips, knees, and backs. No bueno.

Many of our daily habits have left our hamstrings feeling a bit underused and overstretched. Because of that, they tend to get weak. And when they get weak, they start to feel tight. And as anyone who’s ever dealt with hamstring tightness can tell you, you can stretch all you want and it still might not feel like you’re making a difference.

So in addition to my Strong & Resilient Hamstrings online yoga class (which is awesome and you should totally check out), I’ve come up with two more ways that you can give your hamstrings some love that don’t involve endlessly tugging on them as you beg them to stretch.

Check out the video HERE.

Also, if you’re in MoCo Maryland, pop into any of my Tues/Thurs 6:30AM yoga classes at Thrive Yoga — we’re focusing on hamstring strength all month long. Cuz it’s really THAT important.

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