Three years ago today, life as I know it now began.

It began with courage. It began with trust. It began as I offered my old life up in the biggest gamble of my life. It began with me walking away from everything that I worked so hard to build over my lifetime in order to build something else entirely.

In the process of unraveling all I knew, I gained the confidence to know that no matter what happens to me in this life, I can (and will) get through it. I can stand among the ruins. I can take the shattered pieces & start over from scratch. I can rise up from the ashes. I can create something bigger, bolder & far more fulfilling.

Today, I honor myself. My bravery. My resilience. My willingness to believe that something else was out there for me if I just let go of what I was holding onto.

I am not the same person I was three years ago — not even close. But because of her, I am me.

As hard as it was and continues to be, I wouldn’t trade a single step of the journey for anything. So for this week’s #twothingstuesday I’m offering up two ways to honor your own journey in the hopes that you too will come to the realization that we never really “land” so we’d better find joy in the process.

(1) Remember how far you’ve come. When starting over or building something new, it’s so easy to get stuck on how far we feel we are from where we want to be. Take the time regularly to be present with where you are now — miles from where you started. The process may have felt excruciatingly slow or like it’s just winding around in circles but take a moment to notice how the consistency of your efforts has cumulatively amounted to something. Let yourself take note of all that you’ve learned along the way.

(2) Acknowledge that not everything went to plan — and that’s okay. Odds are, when you first set out, you had some plan or at least the few first steps in mind. Inevitably, stuff didn’t follow that plan but I bet you’re okay anyway. Maybe, like me, it actually worked out better. It probably wasn’t easy, you probably struggled, probably even shed a few tears. Find gratitude for things that didn’t go your way — recognize that you’re stronger for it.

A massive thank you goes out today and every day for my amazing husband Chris, my mom Karen, my dear friends, as well as each and every one of you reading this who have supported me throughout this amazing journey. I cannot wait to see what the next three years bring! XOXO

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