Greetings from Portland, OR! As I write this, I’m on a lunch break at Day 1 of Myofascial Release training for my Yoga Medicine 500-hour yoga teacher training.

During my previous life (a 12-year career in corporate legal), I never traveled for work. But over the past 3 years as an entrepreneur, business travel has become the norm.

One of the amazing benefits of traveling is that it takes us out of our element — see the world & shift perspectives. But one of the downsides to traveling is that it takes us out of our element — which can wreak havoc on nutrition & fitness habits and, by extension, our goals.

Now, to be clear, I’m all for deciding to go on trips with the intention of not worrying about how it’ll affect your goals from time to time. But there are times — like the next few months where I’m traveling a lot — when I really want to stay focused on my goals & maintain the healthy habits that I’ve worked hard to cultivate.

Mostly, I don’t want my digestion to be wacky or have my body feel off until my travel schedule dies down in late-October. So I’m choosing not to give myself carte blanche to eat whatever, drink whatever, and not move my body every day.

For this week’s #TwoThingsTuesday, here are two simple things I do while on business travel that help me stay on track:

(1) BYOF. Pretty much every food offered in airports is packed with sodium (and way overpriced) which only adds to the overall feeling of yuckiness. This trip brought cut up veggies on the flight with me — which also came in handy when the hour-long bag check line caused me to have to sprint to get to my gate on time —at least I had some food with me on the plane. I also booked an AirBnB instead of a hotel so that I’ve got the ability to cook more of my own meals which helps me maintain some sense of normalcy as well as enjoy the local produce.

(2) Drop in at a local gym. One of the benefits of doing CrossFit is that you can drop in to any CF box anywhere. But it’s not something that’s limited to CFers – most local gyms offer short-term memberships & small fitness studios allow drop-ins. Pop in & try something new!

What are your travel hacks for staying on track?

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