Well, today was my last day in Boulder. Tomorrow, I head home from another amazing trip armed with so much more knowledge that I’m super excited to share with my clients and students.

And although most of the time I had here was spent in a lab doing things that only a true anatomy nerd would love, I also had a good amount of time to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Boulder.

I believe that the best way to take in a city is to walk it and so that’s what I did, I walked many miles in this city over the past five days. And I gotta say, I really dig this place. I definitely see myself coming back here again soon to take in a bit more.

But for now, I’m leaving with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will forever change the way I view the human body. And just in case cadaver dissection isn’t your thing, today on the blog I’m sharing two things you must do when in Boulder.

(1) Sunrise Hike to Crown Rock. Sunday morning, I got up early and met my guide Jordan for a headlamp lit hike from the Gregory Canyon Trailhead to Crown Rock which overlooks Boulder. At 6:50AM, we watched as the sun crested the horizon and erupted across the sky. Maybe it was the incredible colors. Maybe it was the fresh, odor-less air that was decidedly unlab-like. Or maybe it was just that magical. Something about this experience of sitting on a mountain overlooking the city as the sun rose will stick with me forever. Best $30 I’ve ever spent. Get more info HERE.

(2) Hit up a class at CrossFit Roots. This one’s just for the CrossFitters and the experience is legendary. Seriously though, this place is amazing. Huge facility, awesome community, stellar coaching, and super welcoming owner and coaches. I got to three classes there while I was in Boulder and I really cannot say enough good things about it. By week’s end, I felt like I was a member of the Roots family.

What’s on your must-do list for visiting Boulder?

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