I’ve been thinking a lot about power lately. No, it’s not because I have an elaborate, borderline diabolical plan for world domination … well, at least not yet anyway 😈

Mostly it’s on my mind because my goal is to help people get their power back. There’s so much in life that feels out of control. And I myself remember at numerous times throughout my life having this feeling that I had no control over who I was, what was happening in my body, and where I was heading in life. I remember feeling powerless.

So much of what I went through had to do with the things I was telling myself about how much power I had over my situation. It was easier for me to blame my circumstances or others and to make excuses for why things are just “the way they are” and how it would never change.

But the truth is we all have a lot of power. More than we know. And as I reflect back on what changed for me along the way, I really think I can narrow it down to two key mindset shifts that have made all the difference for me.

(1) Stop telling yourself that you’re different. When you see someone out there making shit happen for him/herself, take it as a sign that you too can make shit happen. Don’t automatically assume that others succeed because they are better than you. The minute you assume that you can’t do something that others can, you’ve given your power away. So many of us have this storyboard spinning in our heads that so-and-so is more talented, or has more support, or more willpower. Yes, other people have things that you don’t. But you have things that others don’t — your job is to figure out what and use it to your advantage. If you want to be a more powerful person, the first thing you have to give up is the belief that you are not as powerful as everyone else. 

(2) Don’t just stand there, do something. Stuff happens. Life knocks us all down from time to time. When it happens, you have a choice, you can stand there blaming others (and giving your power over the situation away) or you can take accountability for everything that is yours. This is how you get your power back when you feel like it’s gone. Blaming others and passing the buck gives the power to others — it sends the message that others are in control of you. They have all the power and you have none. It doesn’t matter how you ended up where you did, there is something here that you can take control of. Act and start moving the dial back in your favor.

I’ve opened up a few private online movement and mindset coaching slots. If you’re ready to take steps toward getting your power back, I’d love to chat with you to see if we’re a good fit. Shoot me an email at alison@alisonheilig.com.

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