It’s well known that it takes work to get (and stay) fit and healthy. But I’d argue that it’s not the type of work that most people think.

It’s not so much a matter of starting to do a bunch of new stuff — you know, adding to your already enormous To-Do List. Nope, my journey has proven to me that it’s usually more a matter of giving shit up … like old ideas and long-held beliefs about what it takes to be happy, healthy and fit. Seriously, forget everything you think you know and listen up.

If you want to free yourself from the insane self-loathing, crippling fear and roller-coastering, you’ve gotta stop working against yourself. There are no short-cuts to where you’re going but it doesn’t have to be so damn difficult either.

Check out my latest post for Fit Bottomed Girls – Things I Gave Up to Be Healthy and Fit for Life – and start giving up all the stuff that’s holding you back (and most likely frustrating the crap out of you).

Be well, friends!


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