…and spend 5 minutes in Supported Fish Pose (Salamba Matsyasana)


“You cry a little and then you wait for the sun to come out. It always does.”

When the heartbreak washes over you and it’s more than you can bear (trust me, it happens to the best of us), it’s time to open up your heart and let the light back in. When experiencing grief, we tend to close off our hearts – both physically by hunching forward and emotionally by trying to ignore (and stuff down) all those emotions – which will only make you feel less awesome over time. But a few minutes spent in this pose will make you feel lighter and more open to the love and support that continues to surround you.

Physical Benefits:
Releases built up tension your chest, abs, and hip flexors, stretches the muscles between your ribs to improve breathing while strengthening your back, neck and shoulders which will ultimately work wonders for your posture. (Also, helps undo all the havoc created by our desk-dwelling and commute-slouching lifestyles.)

Props Needed:
Bolster (or a bunch of blankets, pillows or towels)
Yoga block

My Jam:
“Fix You” by Coldplay

How to Make the Magic Happen:

1. Grab a yoga block and place it behind you on the floor with a long, narrow edge up, parallel to the side of your mat. Put the bolster or folded blanket at the top of your mat like THIS.

2. Use your arms to lower yourself back onto the block. The block should be against your spine, starting just below and running right between your shoulder blades. Rest your head on the bolster or blanket, making adjustments to the height of the support to keep your neck happy. Your legs can be stretched out long, along the length of your mat or soles of the feet touching with your legs splayed out (as shown in the picture of me above).

3. Let the arms fall naturally out to your sides, palms facing up. Take a few deep breaths then let your breathing be natural as you relax into the pose.

4. When you’re ready to come out of it and feel your awesomeness restored, wiggle your fingers and your toes and create small movements to your body. Then, slowly bring the soles of your feet to the floor feet on the floor and using your arms to support you, gently roll off the side of the block.  Place your hands on the ground and press yourself up to a seated position. Sit quietly to let your body adjust to sitting upright for a minute or two before moving.

5. Go forth and be awesome. Namaste.

You shouldn’t feel any strain in your neck. If you feel strain, add height to the support under the back of your head.
Remember, this should feel relaxing, not like you are actively stretching.
Place a blanket, pillow or rolled up towel under your arms or knees if necessary for comfort.

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