Uh oh … looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays lol

Nah, I’m good. Actually, since leaving my 9-5 job to start my business nearly three years ago, I can honestly say that I wake up every Monday pumped and ready to tackle a new week, especially lately. I’ve got big plans for my business and big plans for my gym training. Watch out world!

But aside from having a clear purpose and direction that’s worth getting up and fighting for, there are a number of choices I make every day that serve to set me up for success both in my training and in my business. One of the most critical is to prioritize sleep.

Look I get that it’s easy to look around and think that lack of sleep is normal — I mean who isn’t sleep deprived these days? We’re a society that overbooks our lives and glorifies busyness. Then we wonder why we feel so depleted and unmotivated to reach our goals. It’s not rocket science folks, it’s physiology.

If I’m not getting enough sleep, I can’t realistically expect to have the energy to do the things I need to do to execute the plans I have and reach my goals. And neither can you.

When it comes to sleep, we are often our own worst enemy. Sure, things come up and we lose a little here and there but mostly — if we get brutally honest with ourselves — we’re choosing to deprive ourselves of sleep and often for things that aren’t even that important to us — like scrolling social media, mindlessly staring at the tv, or overextending ourselves for the sake of being busy.

Here’s the test. Ask yourself this daily: what’s standing in the way of getting more sleep today? And be really honest with yourself. If the answer is truly something that’s more important than the goals you have for yourself, then by all means carry on. If isn’t however, then it might be time to get your butt to bed.

So if you really want to set yourself up to succeed at anything in life — do yourself a favor and remove the barriers to sleep.

This week, here and on social media, I’ll be sharing some tools and strategies designed to help you focus on this so you’ve got the energy you need to crush your goals.

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  1. Alison – I am so proud of you and all that you are doing. It has taken huge chunks of courage to step out of your past into your present with a world of possibilities in your future – and so very much of what you do blesses so many of us.
    Let me briefly share my “sleep” story. For most of my life I have functioned on 2-4 hours of sleep a night – single parent, performing artist, athletic competitor and for the past 15 years personal trainer, Spinning® instructor, etc all demanding early hours.
    When I became a competitive cyclist, I had the privilege of working with an excellent but demanding coach who had me clock more than my workouts, HR, W, pace, mileage, etc. If I did not record a minimum of 8 hours sleep per night, he would no longer train me! That got my attention! The results were astonishing – vastly improved VO2Max (and yes I did many of those awful tests!), strength, body composition and endurance.
    In the fall of 2017 I took the next step. I told all of my 5 and 6 a.m. clients that I could no longer preach 8 hours and get up at 3 a.m. to be able to start my day that early AND encourage them to begin theirs! That was difficult. I was able to find some another trainer who would meet early with them (as I fully understand the need to train before work), move some to later in the day, and, sadly, some left not thinking well of me. But, I needed to do that.
    I hope all affected clients are now at peace with my changes. I, for one, am now able to face my day of clients and classes (adding Yoga to the mix) better rested, usually having a morning meditation or quiet reading time to myself, prepared for my day in more ways than mug upon mug of coffee, and eager to share.
    In my mind, we are only beginning to plumb the depths of the value of sleep and the destruction of deprivation. There is so much more to be said about life’s necessities and the accommodations each of us needs to make at times during our lives, but we should at least work towards a goal of a thriving lifestyle.
    Thanks for all you do to encourage us along the way. XO

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