I don’t believe that the skills, traits, and abilities we have are fixed and finite. I believe in the human capacity for change.

Of course, we all come into this world with natural gifts but even those talents require additional development. Without effort and growth, we risk being committed to the ranks of those who history remembers as not living up to their potential.

This is why I find coaching movement (in all forms) so incredibly fulfilling. Anyone who’s spent time and energy working to improve their physical abilities will tell you that it’s a life-changing process, one that has a significant lasting impact whether or not you every actually achieve the result.

Because in the end the result or goal isn’t the point. It’s the process that changes you — the process of systematically rewiring the way you think about yourself and intentionally writing the next page of your story.

Why? Because it’s a daily affirmation that you and what you’re capable of are ALWAYS subject to revision. Every day is a chance to re-negotiate your current capabilities.

You learn that you are not limited or fixed. You are infinitely capable. And that’s my story too — 99% of what you see me do on this my social media feeds, I could not do 2 years ago. And if my mindset was that my abilities are fixed and unchangeable, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and you would be watching the antics of some other person on your phone.

We think the difference is talent and natural ability. But it’s not.

It’s mindset.

Come upgrade your mindset with me tomorrow at 2PM at Thrive Yoga as we work to develop the skills necessary to handstand without the support of the wall. I promise you that you’ll walk away from this workshop with knowledge that will change, not just your handstand, but your whole outlook on life. Only a few spots left. Reserve yours here.

Not local or not available? I’ve got a bunch of online yoga practices that can be done anywhere and at any time. Check out my monthly subscription series HERE. Only $10/month. No long-term contracts, new practices added monthly, and hours of content that’s accessible to everyone (regardless of whether or not you’ve ever done yoga before).

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