Interesting title, huh? Didn’t know there was such a thing did you? Neither did I until very recently. First, allow me to provide some context…

I’ve been accused of having a raging case “resting bitchy face” for as long as I can remember. You know, when you’re just chillin’ with no particular thoughts or emotions rolling around in your noggin but you look bitchy and pissed anyway.  So I’d want to argue with these accusations but, by and large, I’m guilty as charged. What can I say? #thestruggleisreal


Aside from being CONSTANTLY asked if I’m alright (no, I’m not mad…this is how my face always looks), I’ve not had any reason to do much to remedy my (ahem) “condition”; however, lately I’ve noticed that I clench my jaw HARD when I am stressed or preoccupied – so much so that it’s giving me headaches and my teeth and face hurt. All. The. Time. IT SUCKS! Some people carry their tension in their neck, shoulders, and back but I apparently carry it in my face.

So I get it now, the two are PROBABLY connected…might be time to do something about it. But what’s a girl with an achy resting bitchy face to do???? I have some suggestions.

DISCLAIMER: You WILL look absolutely ridiculous doing these…you’ve been warned 🙂

Lion’s Pose — Sit in a comfortable position and place your hands on your thighs, fingers spread wide and gripping down like a lion’s paw. Exhale all your breath away and inhale through your nose. As you exhale, open your mouth as wide as you can, stick out your tongue (Gene Simmons-style), make the sound “HAAAAAA”, and open your eyes super wide. Repeat 5-10 times.

Chanting Om — Exhale all your breath away, inhale and chant the sound of “om” three times. Yeah, I know, it seems odd but it creates the coolest vibrations in your mouth while relaxing and releasing all that bottled up tension in your face and jaw.  Super relaxing!

Jaw Slides — Keep your lips together but separate your teeth and drop your lower jaw down. Push your lower jaw forward and hold it for a count of 10. Bring your jaw back in but do not let your teeth touch until you’ve completed 3 repetitions.

Smile & Scrunch — Keeping you teeth clenched, open your lips as wide as you can in all directions. Hold for a count of 5 and release. Then, scrunch your face up as if you were trying to bring your eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips, and chin together at a point an inch in front of your nose. Hold for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this sequence 3 times.

Oh yeah, and one more thing – a little spiritual guidance on how to deal with these things that are stressing you out…



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One More Disclaimer: You’re responsible for your own health. Consult with your doctor before trying this or any other restorative pose or movement shown on this website., it’s owners and contributors are not responsible for any injury, pain, harm, or distress that may result from the information contained herein.

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